Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Over It!!

So I have realized that I am completely over my job...I love my office (most days) but I am completely bored with my job. All I do is hound people to answer phone calls and emails just to get them to meet deadlines...then I make copies (when the photocopier works) and ship them out...my head hurts. I don't think that it is fair that the little peon (myself) is the one meeting the deadlines and harassing the 6 figure salary executives to meet a deadline that will make them money. There is just respect that is missing. I know that my direct boss appreciates it (she tells me all the time), but there is only so much that she can do to reward me...

I need to start my own business...rather I need to work on starting my event planning business. It is so hard to get started in this field because it is so much word of mouth and it is so hard to get hired without having experience other than my own wedding...hmmmm

Anyone need a party/event planned? I'll start with little kid birthday parties! Communions! Summer picnics! Baby Showers! ANYTHING!!

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