Monday, August 24, 2009

Tomorrow's The Day

So finally tomorrow we find out the sex of the baby. I will be 19 weeks and 4 days...and it is killing me not knowing who I am carrying around with me. We keep asking Liam whether he wants a baby brother and he says yes, but then we ask him if he would like a baby sister and he says yes...we are hopeful that he only gets one :-)

We already have the names picked out:

Alexander Brayden (Lex) - Alexander because it is a classic, strong name and partially after Alexander the Great - Brayden because I love that name, but it is too common these days to make it the first name

Eliza-Beth Katherine (Liza or EB) - Eliza-Beth is after my recently deceased mom's middle name, Elizabeth and Katherine is a name that I swore to my mom's mom (Mamall) that I would name my little girl if I ever had a girl. I love it as a first name, but Katherine is soooo common that I just couldn't do that.

Now I am of course pulling for a little girl, and for more than one reason. 1) Balance...then we have the big brother to protect our little girl and we will always know what is going on in kid culture LOL 2) for my mommy. I miss her so much every day and I think that there is nothing better I could do for her than to have a little girl. 3) I want to dress someone up in frilly little dresses and Bill won't let me get a purse-sized puppy! lol

Well I guess that is it...we have no control over who it is going to be and we are going to love them no matter what. I promise to post the results!

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