Monday, August 3, 2009

A Quick Note about Food

So I like food...too much...but then again I am pregnant so I am allowed to love food. Last night I was complaining that the ice cream truck doesn't come by often enough (only like once a week when I don't have a dollar) so Bill and I made cookies..slightly undercooked and delicious! Today for lunch I warmed myself up some pumpkin squash ravioli...usually one of my favorite heat 'em and eat 'em I had no taste I am dining on a bowl of nacho cheese Doritos left over from a party we had on Friday...and this afternoon I plan to enjoy my cookies! I am seriously starting to eat like a real pregnant woman...what am I going to do this weekend when I am in Chicago for the Breast Cancer 3-Day?!!? There better be a convenience store near our hotel!

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